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pvcs promotion group functionality

From: Rhodes, Phillip C.
Subject: pvcs promotion group functionality
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 10:35:45 -0400

Hi everyone,
We are using PVCS right now. 
I can not migrate to PVCS because we use "Promotion Groups".  We have promotion groups called "Dev", "Test", "QA" and "Prod".
Developers can only checkout to "Dev" and promote to "Test".
From there, QA folks promote revision labeled code from Test up through QA and Prod.
It seems that CVS does not have access control on revision labels. 
It also does not have promotion groups.
Has anyone been in this environment and how did you manage to use PVCS without promotion groups?
I realize that we can create labels called "Test" and "Prod", but what would stop a developer from stamping their code with this revision label and instantly get their code into production?  Trust is not good enough for our qa group.
Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts and considerations.
Phillip Rhodes.



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