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file ownership in the repository

From: Bogus User
Subject: file ownership in the repository
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 22:00:09 +0000

I'm setting up a cvs repository on a Linux machine for multiple developers and have been reading through a lot of the documentation about how to set up security for the repository.

The best behavior I've found so far is the "pserver" method. I can create a user on the system that is just used for controlling the repository, for example cvsuser, and then set the CVSROOT/password file to be something like


What I like about this is that any CVS operation that one of the users does will be proxied as cvsuser. The problem with this method is that there's no good way for a user to change their password. They have to somehow get the administrator to paste the encrypted version of their password into the CVSROOT/passwd file.

To get around this, I thought maybe I could create system accounts for the users, having them all be a member of some common cvs group, and setting the permissions on the repository to allow write access for that group.

The problem I've run into with this is that when a user creates a directory in the repository, it isn't owned by the cvs group, it's owned by the user's main group. When another developer tries to extract the files, they get permission denied.

Is there a way to do this? Can I use the system accounts for authentication, but still proxy the cvs operations?


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