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CVS tags vs checkin comments

From: Johnson, Susan
Subject: CVS tags vs checkin comments
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 07:41:22 -0700

We are a Solaris 2.8 shop that uses CVS for revision control and Remedy for
problem tracking.

I want to track within CVS what revisions of files were fixed by a Remedy
i.e. DFT1234.

I suggested that the developers apply a tag to the files they checked in
and the tagname would be the defect-id, i.e. 
cvs tag DFT1234 filename

Another group has suggested that the developers use a checkin comment
and go back later and parse the output of the "cvs log" command. They have
also expressed concerns that our developer community who know little about
cvs, might upon learning of the cvs tag command, misuse it by either not
tagging at all or by moving the baseline tags.

What are the pro's and cons of using tags over checkin comments?
My initial list is:
- tag name is unique to a revision within the file, whereas multiple
revisions of the file could have the same defect-id as the checkin comment
- I would have to parse the output of the log history of every file in the
modules to find out which files were associated with what ticket and that
would be time-consuming. That would make build automation difficult.



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