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Re: Blanks in path names

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Blanks in path names
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 03:32:00 -0700

address@hidden writes:

[...text of message elided...]

> This message is intended exclusively for its addressee and may contain
> information that is CONFIDENTIAL and protected by a professional
> privilege or which disclosure is prohibited by law. If this message
> has been received in error, please immediately notify us via e-mail or
> by telephone (34 93 739 67 00) and delete it. Please note that
> Internet e-mail does not guarantee the confidentiality or the proper
> receipt of the messages sent. If the addressee of this message does
> not consent to the use of Internet e-mail, please communicate it to us
> immediately.

Pursuant to the confidential clause at the end of your message, this
message is to inform you that your message was posted on an open mailing
list and that no attempt to retain confidentiality of that message is
in any way guarenteed.

The mailing list in question (address@hidden) did not solicit or in
any other way try to attract this message. The mailing list members are
not interested in receipt of any further such correspondence in the
future as it only places a liability on the recipients of the list that
is not desired or warranted.

Please do not post confidential information on this list in future. 

You should expect no other message in response other than this one to
such messages as the intent of a public forum is to share information,
not to hoard it.

If you intend to ever address this e-mail list with any form of
communication, you MUST NOT attach any legal confidentiality notation to
the message. All e-mail sent to address@hidden are supposed to be free
and unencumbered by any license that prohibits further transmission or

        Thank you,
        -- Mark

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