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Splitting single repository into multiple

From: Gooden, Charles HS-SNS
Subject: Splitting single repository into multiple
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 13:00:36 -0400

We have been using a single repository instead of multiple repository for
each of our projects.  Could some one tell me how I can move selected files
from one repository into a new repository with out losing any log, or
history information?  

>From what I can tell by experimenting this procedure seems to work:

        1.  Have users commit any immediate changes and release their files

        2.  Create another repository

        3.  Move the selected "*,v" files in the repository to the other
repository with same permissions

        4.  Grep the history file log for all occurrences of the files that
are being move and save the new file as the history file in the new
                alternately I could create a new history file

        5.  Have users set their CVSROOT to the path of the new repository
and run cvs checkout on the new repository

Could someone please comment if this procedure is correct or if I am missing
any steps, or if there may be problems at some later time in the future when
using the new repository.

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