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capturing all aspects of a commit

From: Akos Maroy
Subject: capturing all aspects of a commit
Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 13:42:32 +0200
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I'd like to find a way to capture all change done by each commit operation. I'd like to maintain a database of commits, where I could list all the changes done by each commit (and have the possibility somehow to get sources prior to and after any commit).

I was hoping that a loginfo script would be able to help me. But, while experimenting, I found out that loginfo scripts are called once for each directory there is a change in.

e.g. consider the following repository, each file with initial version of 1.1:

Makefile       1.1
src/a.h        1.1
src/a.c        1.1

if I change the Makefile and a.c (say change #1), I get the following versions:

Makefile       1.2
src/a.h        1.1
src/a.c        1.2

and I get my loginfo script called twice, once with Makefile and once with a.c. suppose later I change a.h and a.c (change #2), I get:

Makefile       1.2
src/a.h        1.2
src/a.c        1.3

and one call to the loginfo script with reference to a.h and a.c.

What I would like to have is a way to capture all aspects of change #1 and change #2, something like:

change #1:
Makefile: 1.1 -> 1.2
src/a.c   1.1 -> 1.2

change #2:
src/a.h   1.1 -> 1.2
src/a.c   1.2 -> 1.3

is there a way to achieve this?

as for what I've found, as loginfo scripts are called for each directory, I could only get as far as logging 3 changes (since for change #1, loginfo is called twice):

loginfo #1:
Makefile: 1.1 -> 1.2

loginfo #2:
src/a.c   1.1 -> 1.2

loginfo #3:
src/a.h   1.1 -> 1.2
src/a.c   1.2 -> 1.3

whereas loginfo #1 and #2 are actually constituting a single change.

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