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Re: Splitting single repository into multiple

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Re: Splitting single repository into multiple
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 09:12:21 +0200

>        1.  Have users commit any immediate changes and release their files
>        2.  Create another repository
>        3.  Move the selected "*,v" files in the repository to the other
>repository with same permissions
>        4.  Grep the history file log for all occurrences of the files that
>are being move and save the new file as the history file in the new
>                alternately I could create a new history file
>        5.  Have users set their CVSROOT to the path of the new repository
>and run cvs checkout on the new repository

I'm sure this will work. However, if I had to do this I'd come from the other
side and copy the whole repository and then delete the unused stuff from
each of them. Just a different point of view.

bye  Fabi

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