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Access control to a repository without root access

From: rfine
Subject: Access control to a repository without root access
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 16:34:31 +0100
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Hi all,

I'm looking into building a development center for my web-based team, and of
course such a system needs a central code server, for which I thought CVS would
be good.

I'm not hosting anything on my own server - the host I'm with has kindly set up
a repository for me - so I don't have root access, and therefore am unable to
set up users and groups.

The rest of my system is going to be based on PHP/MySQL, and users will be
logged in through that. The user information is all stored in the database, and
users will be added or removed through a web-based interface; the underlying
system user list doesn't get touched (as I already said, I don't have access to 

Is there any way I can:

(a) allow users to be authenticated by a PHP script that gets their info from
the MySQL database (probably using pserver - yes I know it's not secure, but SSH
requires actual users on the system, right?)
(b) have CVS disallow read/write operations on given files for given users even
when those files have full read/write permissions set for everyone?

(BTW, you'd probably already guessed, but I'm a complete newbie to most of this.
So my apologies if I've got something fundamental wrong somewhere :) ).

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