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Common code across multiple projects

From: thomas . maciejewski
Subject: Common code across multiple projects
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 15:30:20 -0400

I have a related question to this to which I am seeking an answer.

I have two projects: ProjectA and ProjectB
both of them use part of a common code base that is in a project called:

I would like to set up CVS that I can have a reference to Common shared by
both ProjectA and ProjectB
something like:


and common being in its own project:

Common code should be able to grow on its own and the current development
branches and main trunk of ProjectA and ProjectB should see these changes.
I should be able to go into ProjectA/Common and make a change and commit
and when I update from ProjectB I should see these changes.

However when I create a production branch I want to have have my own copy
of common.
That is,  once I do the production branch and then make a production bug
to ProjectA/Common I do not want it to show up in Common nor in

I tried to do this via & modules but I found that even when I branched
ProjectA common
was not also branched within there so if updated the branch I would get the
current development
version of Common and if I check in a production bug fix it would then be
part of the main production branch

Does anyone have a solution to this?

I am sure this is fairly common to most companies that have multiple
projects but wish to have code re-use


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