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The idea isn't clear...

From: Giovanni Giazzon
Subject: The idea isn't clear...
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 18:39:00 -0300

Hi all,
I'm quite new to CVS, and I'm having some difficulties to understand it's
logic. I have a project in the HEAD "section", and I've created a branch to
each developer. So they work on it, commit on it, and we are all happy, but
when comes the time to generate a new version and merge each branch, I feel
like having no gain in productivity. It's hard to merge three or more
branches since different implementations can converge in a same file. That's
the problem of work with multiple instances of a same file: if you work by
demand, you might have logical concurrence in different implementations.
But, is this right? That's the way to work with CVS?

Giovanni Giazzon

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