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Moving Repositories

From: Doyle Fouquet
Subject: Moving Repositories
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 08:56:09 -0500

   I am in the process of moving a UNIX CVS repository from one company (and country) to another (still UNIX) and would like to avoid problems, yes I am new to CVS.  I have read the book by Cederqvist etal, but am still have questions.  What exists is /home/sfw/cvsroot/CVSROOT with the *,v files at /home/sfw/cvsroot/project1/source/module_name.  where the source directory contains only subdirectories (modules) which have the *,v files. 

   What I want to end up with is /home/source/CVSROOT and the *,v files at /home/source/project1/source/module_name where there will be many projects (project1 is only one of many) and source is the same as before, a list of subdirectories (modules) which contain the *,v files.

   (1) is this possible; (2) and how do I set up the CVS, i.e. how does it know where the *,v files are? (3) what other pitfalls am I going to encounter?

Thanks, Doyle

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