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Vijay - two questions on CVS

From: Vijay Kumar
Subject: Vijay - two questions on CVS
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 14:46:03 +0530


I have the following  two questions for which I need  some help : 

a) How should we delete a complete module form a  
   respository ? Do we need to stop the cvs server ( xinetd ) 
  Is it just removed by rm -rf  <dir>. 
  Upon starting te xinetd or the cvs server , will the server not 
  realise that there  is some change in the repository and 
 complain about the same ?  I have been trying to find out 
 about these things, but have got no answers till now. 

b) We ususally access the CVS Server ( on Linux ) from the  
     Windows 2K prof box by using WinCVS 1.3 or 1.2 
     Once a user logs in via WinCvs, it retains the seting sin the 
    preferences Tab. Now, if I change the user name from user 
    "xyz" to user "abc", we can see the change in the 
    preferances tab, but when we click the login option., we 
   still see the old user name in the "OutPut" box below and 
   WinCVS is asking for the password for the old user. 
   I usually overcome this by 
   a) Logging in though command line or 
   b) .cvspass file. - Only sometimes this solves this problem. 
      not always. 
  Alternatively I have to reinstall WinCVS on some Windows 
  box, for the new user to log in. 

 Why does WinCvs behave like this ? 

Please Help. 


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