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RE: Update versions

From: Zieg, Mark
Subject: RE: Update versions
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2003 11:27:17 -0400

No, you can't update an existing revision.  When you fix bugs, you need to
commit those as new revisions.

The normal procedure is to change your second sentence to read as follows:

    "For each deploy we have a TAG, but sometimes bugs show up
    and we have to update these tags."

It's quite possible to update a tag.  Just fix the bug and commit the new
version of the affected file (say, changing myfile.c from revision 1.5 to
revision 1.6), then update the tag pertaining to the current deployment to
include revision 1.6 of myfile.c, rather than revision 1.5.

Specifically, something like this:

# assume you are ready to deploy MYAPP, which is composed of the following
#    foo.c    (rev 1.5)
#    bar.c    (rev 1.2)
#    widget.c (rev 1.9)

# make a tag to represent the "tested, deployable" version of your
# project as follows:
dev-box $ cvs tag -f production-stable

# for posterity (always cover your posterior), make a permanent record
# of what you deployed, when:
dev-box $ cvs tag deployed-2003_07_07

# deploy the files, either manually or by remotely checking them out
# from your production host:
prod-box $ cvs update -r deployed-2003_07_07 MYAPP

# assume you've found a bug in foo.c

# fix the bug in foo.c

# commit the fixed foo.c to CVS
dev-box $ cvs commit -m "fixed nasty bug" foo.c

# update the production tag to include the new version
dev-box $ cvs tag -f production-stable foo.c

# again, for posterity, record exactly what was deployed, when
dev-box $ cvs tag deployed-2003_07_09

# re-deploy the fixed version
prod-box $ cvs update -r deployed-2003_07_09 MYAPP

As long as you only have a single development trunk and a single production
environment (or multiple-yet-identical production copies), you don't
necessarily need branches to do this.  (But if you honestly are trying to
perform an isolated bugfix on a historical release, then yes, you really
should create a branch.)

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From: Giovanni Giazzon [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 10:23 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Update versions

Hi all,
my problem is that I want to update an existing version. For each deploy we
have a version, but sometimes bugs show up and we have to update these
versions. It is possible to update versions? I know that I can't commit on
versions and the only solution seems to create a new branch of this version
and update it. But I was looking for another possibility, without new
Thanks for the help.
Giovanni Giazzon

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