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OT-ish: Windows Question

From: Jesse Quijano
Subject: OT-ish: Windows Question
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 11:23:35 -0700

I'm a CVS newbie that has always used Visual Source Safe integrated with Visual Studio. So, I've got my remote CVS repository setup and can actually connect to it... no easy feat! I've also setup my directory structure on CVS which I'm sure I'll have questions on later, but so far so good there.

What I want to do now is "add" my files to the proper places in the repository. The question I have is which of the zillion VS generated files should I store to get a build when they're checked out again? I plan to checkin/add *.h, *.c (except dlldata.c and any *_i.c, or *_p.c generated files), *.cpp, *.idl, *.rc, *.dsp, *.dsw, *.def. Does this seem reasonable? Is there anything I'm missing?


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