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Branching & Tags.

From: Doyle Fouquet
Subject: Branching & Tags.
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 16:30:58 -0500

    This is not a question about how to branch and tag, but what each individual developer must do in order to maintain correct branches and tags.

     Say for example a release has been tagged, so that all developers on the project are working from the same source code. A branch is also created because it is known that bug fixes will follow.   It appears that the developers creating new features and enhancements commit their changes to the main trunk. If so,  is it then correct to say they don't have to do any tagging, just commit their changes to repository?  But what about the developers who are working on bug fixes to the last revision, what do they have to do in order that their changes go to the branch and not the trunk. Is it simply to do a checkout from the branch?   If so, then the only thing the developers have to know is where to checkout from, the trunk or a branch.  I would further assume that this is information that would be given to them by the project manager upon assignment of a task. Is my logic correct and the way it should work.

Thanks for your patience, as you can tell we are new to using CVS but would like to use it to its fullest capability.

Doyle F Fouquet
Sr. Geophysical Developer
Application Support and Testing

Core Laboratories
Reservoir Technologies Division
6316 Windfern Road
Houston, Texas 77040
Tel: 713.328.2743

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