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help im stuck

From: Kent E.
Subject: help im stuck
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 14:00:20 +0800

Hello guys help im stuck...

Ok after installing the cvs which is in redhat 9, found out 
That it is a lower version than the stable one which I found in the net
1.11.xx so I upgraded it and it goes fine... 

so the next step is to initialize the CVSROOT.... ok then what?

# As a start how do I add 'modules' in the repository? As what the FAQ
says I only
Have to say 'cvs add <file>' but its returning an error..

# Another FAQ says to 'cvs checkout CVSROOT' .. but still I can't
because its lock..

# so whats first? Do I have to put files (as root) manually using 'cp'

pls guyz help me on this... 

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