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Re: help im stuck

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: help im stuck
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 23:49:53 -0700

Kent E. <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello guys help im stuck...
> Ok after installing the cvs which is in redhat 9, found out 
> That it is a lower version than the stable one which I found in the net
> 1.11.xx so I upgraded it and it goes fine... 

Where cvs 1.11.6 is the latest stable release and cvs-1.11.2-8 is the
latest Redhat-9 release?

Actually, either of those releases will work for most purposes if you
are just starting out using cvs, but we are happy if you find cvs 1.11.6
to be useful to you.
> so the next step is to initialize the CVSROOT.... ok then what?

Yes, that works.

as a non-root users do:

    umask 002    
    cvs -d /path/to/your/new/cvsroot/directory init

which should create the directory and populate CVSROOT with suitable
defaults. Of course, you may need to make sure that the non-root
user has access to create that directory and that it is on local
diskspace rather than being a remotely mounted filesystem.
> # As a start how do I add 'modules' in the repository? As what the FAQ
> says I only
> Have to say 'cvs add <file>' but its returning an error..

Well, first you need to checkout a copy of the repository...

    cvs -d /path/to/your/new/cvsroot/directory checkout -d newtree .

in some directory OTHER than under the
> # Another FAQ says to 'cvs checkout CVSROOT' .. but still I can't
> because its lock..

Locked? Or owned by the wrong user with the wrong umask permissions. If
you do not bother to provide the error messages that cvs generates, then
aid is hard to render. Be kind to yourself and to us and include the
actual commands you are typing and the directories in which you are
typing them.

> # so whats first? Do I have to put files (as root) manually using 'cp'

No. You probably want to stay as far away from root as possible.

> pls guyz help me on this... 
> thanks
> Kent

        Good luck,
        -- Mark

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