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RE: help im stuck

From: Kent E.
Subject: RE: help im stuck
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 16:40:50 +0800

Hey Mark guess what, I did it!!!!

Mahantesh told me that to use 'cvs import' to start with, maybe the
'pdf' which I downloaded wasn't nice to me...

Im not sure if its doing the right thing but as of now I experimented
doing like this

On the console:
'mkDir myFile'

#then I tried to create a dummy files
'touch myFile/'
'touch myFile/'

'cvs import myFile "TestUpload" START'

so far it works and I tried creating a different directory and tried
'checkout' ... its great...

now ill try connecting from a workstation across the network...
hey Mahantesh any clues 

btw, Mark thanks for your kind approach, some newbies needed that kind
of approach ... thanks and good day..


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