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RE: port not running!!!

From: Gurpreet Singh (SCM)
Subject: RE: port not running!!!
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 19:12:37 +0530

Hi All

Yes, u need to check the etc/services files.

Also soem Good excerpts from the doc 
If your system uses `xinetd' instead of `inetd', the procedure is
slightly different.  Create a file called `/etc/xinetd.d/cvspserver'
containing the following:

     service cvspserver
        port        = 2401
        socket_type = stream
        protocol    = tcp
        wait        = no
        user        = root
        passenv     = PATH
        server      = /usr/local/bin/cvs
        server_args = -f --allow-root=/usr/cvsroot pserver

(If `cvspserver' is defined in `/etc/services', you can omit the `port'

After making all the necessary changed need to restart the xinetd services.

Hope your config matches with this format !

Gurpreet S

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From: Amit Sharma [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 4:01 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Re: port not running!!!

   You have to put the entries in services file to start the service
Try telnet <ipAddress> 2401 to check wheher this port is being used or
not and also check ps -ef|grep cvspserver For more information 
If you can explain in bit more details may be I can help you.
I have just subscribed the list and I don't have the whole thread :-)


>>> "Kent Emia" <address@hidden> 7/24/2003 1:22:25 PM >>>
I've checkec


and in the # 13th it says to check if the CVS is running on the port
2401 but what if I can't see it? it doesn't tell
what to do next..

btw how do I do that?


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