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RE: port not running!!!

From: Kent Emia
Subject: RE: port not running!!!
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 15:26:41 +0800


I got the port running now im not sure if this im facing now with the
firewall restriction... just as what Sumit Malhotra mentioned.. I did
try to stop the iptables by doing '/sbin/iptables -F' as root. Then
tried the login once again but still I have error, '

Heres the steps I did

#cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/var/lib/cvsroot login

Logging in to: pserver:address@hidden:/var/lib/cvsroot
CVS password: (the password which I used to login in the same pc)
cvs [login aborted]: reading from server: Connection reset by peer

One question, (from the server itself) can I login from the same unit?


One thing in mind, or maybe the user 'admin' is not a registered as a
cvs user.... only a system user, but I have read some of the DOCS
stating that cvs users are also a system user, is that right?


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