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Re: Feature Request: admin files for "cvs import" and "cvs add<dir>"

From: Wu Yongwei
Subject: Re: Feature Request: admin files for "cvs import" and "cvs add<dir>"
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 18:04:17 +0800

I agree that it is not a serious issue, and I agree that addinfo is ugly.
How about triggering the script in commitinfo (regarding the directory
adding opeation as a hidden committing opeation)?  I feel that is more
consistent (adding files will trigger commitinfo).

Best regards,

Wu Yongwei

--- Original Message from Mark D. Baushke ---

Wu Yongwei <address@hidden> writes:

> I don't think so.  Check yourself on the server, and you will find that
> directories are really added to the repository.  At least theoretically a
> user can add directories recursively this way and cause the free disk
> to become zero.

So, is this a public repository somewhere that you expect someone to
keep pounding your server with 'cvs add' commands? Or, is it a corporate
cvs repository where your employer could terminate someone that does
something that foolish?

If you trust someone to have access to your repository, then they can do
a lot worse things than create some empty directories in your

If you are really desperate, you could have the loginfo script police
the 'cvs add <dir>' operation and remove any directory that is not
really allowed by your policy to be created.

I just do not see a real justification yet for an 'addinfo' script for
the 'cvs add <dir>' command. Directories are not really controlled
entities in cvs and it makes me uncomfortable to have a special-purpose
script to deal with their creation.

   -- Mark

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