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Re: RSE's cvs import patch against the current CVS source

From: Julien Wajsberg
Subject: Re: RSE's cvs import patch against the current CVS source
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 13:28:08 +0200

Mark D. Baushke wrote:

> Julien Wajsberg <address@hidden> writes:
> > I just saw that 'verifymsg' is processed before 'importinfo' with your
> > patch. I don't think it is the correct behaviour :)
> I suggest that you should not depend on the ordering of the verifymsg as
> compared to the importinfo or commitinfo.

I don't depend of the order. It just happens in our setup that verifymsg
takes longer than other hooks.

> In client/server mode, verifymsg is processed first. In local mode,
> verifymsg is usually called after the commitinfo has been called.

My understanding was that commitinfo/taginfo always occurs before
verifymsg. It seems I was wrong...

> It is just as reasonable to reject a commit due to a bad log message as
> it is to reject it because a file is being committed does not pass some
> commitinfo check.

Yes I agree with that.

> > How about modifying this ?
> I believe it would be a waste of time. There is still an 'enhancement'
> request to have the
> verifymsg processed only once rather than for each directory...
> Somewhere before the call to do_verify ?
> I'd suggest that this is not a useful distraction for RSE right now.

If there is no advantage at doing that, surely it is a waste of time.
But if it adds coherence, why don't you want to add this feature in the
good way at the first time ?

Moreover, it could help (later) if you want to modify the code in order not
to show an editor if
commitinfo is failing, for example (just a thought).

PS: sorry Mark, I hit the wrong reply button at first...

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