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Re: RESEND Re: Strange behaviour with export

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: RESEND Re: Strange behaviour with export
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 06:55:11 -0700

Mike Holloway <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi: I sent this a week ago with no response.  I'm a newbie to the list
> and not sure how to interpret silence.  I saw a couple of resends that
> got response, so I figured waiting a week would be a good amount of
> time to wait.  Any input would be much appreciated.  Thanks.  Mike

You need to use a directory other than "." for the export:

  cvs export -D now -d somedir a/b/somefile

will work with cvs 1.11.6

        -- Mark

> Mike Holloway wrote:
> > Hi:  I'm using cvs v1.11.5 and I've noticed some odd behaviour.  If
> > I execute the incantation:
> > cvs export -D now -d . a/b/somefile
> > on a local repository, I get the expected version of somefile in the
> > directory I executed from.  However, if I have CVS_RSH=ssh and
> > CVSROOT set to point at the exact same repository, but prefixed with
> > :ext:address@hidden: and work from another machine, the above
> > incantation fails with:
> > [export aborted]: cannot export into a working directory.
> > If I replace the . with a new directory name, it works fine, as does
> > a checkout.
> > I found something about a bug close to this at
> > but
> > I'm not using pserver and I was under the impression that export did
> > not ever create the CVS admin directory, so I'm a bit stumped.
> > Can someone explain what could be happening, if its a bug, and, if
> > so, is it fixed in a later version or still outstanding.
> > Thanks in advance for any insight provided.. Mike

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