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cvs edit flag and branches

From: Fourman, Oliver
Subject: cvs edit flag and branches
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 19:06:09 +0200

Hi group.
It seems that the edit flag is only set per archive and not for each branch.

Currently we work on 2 release streams and the main_trunk; the newest 
developing stream.
On developing site we handle the releases in seperate workspaces.

Scenario 1: A developer has to fix something in a specific release and sets his 
edit flag.
It's confusing cause the cvs editors listing (we use tkcvs, that shows us the 
editor/s for each file)
also shames activity for the other streams.

Scenario 2: Okay - normaly a developer has to fix similar things in each 
release, so he has to set the edit flag for each workfile directory to maintain 
write permissions on his workfiles. He cwd to his workspace with the files from 
main_trunk and sets his edit flag. After that he cwd to his workspace with the 
files from the branch and sets his edit flag for the same file (on branch). 
When commiting or unediting the file the edit information for the first working 
copy is lost.

Are there any developing patterns for this problem?
Chances to specify the edit command? ;)

Oliver Fourman
Technology, SkyWAN SW Development

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