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Suggestion about how works $Log$ expansion

From: David
Subject: Suggestion about how works $Log$ expansion
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 12:07:31 +0200

Dear members,

I would like to suggest (I don't know if this is the place to suggest
something), that on cvs can be configutated the way $Log$ expansion is

Now it just append the last comments in the file, but sometimes it is
usefull to delete the inserted comments and to insert all the log
information on the files.

For example if you have modified your log comment on the file using admin
command, such change is not updated into the file, because the keyword
expansion mechanism just add new comments. With my suggestion, if the $Log$
expands all it cumulative contents each time, you have such information

Another reason is that some code generation could delete the log expanded
comments, and just put the token: $Log$, so if you want to update on the cvs
the generated code, you get on the expended comment just the last change,
because the previous changed were deleted by the generator.

Thanks in advance,


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