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Re: how to really remove the information of the file?

From: david
Subject: Re: how to really remove the information of the file?
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 07:45:12 -0500 (CDT)

> When you remove a file from the repository you actually mark it as dead, 
and it stays in the repository.. Therefore the upcount in revision numbers.
Yes.  CVS has no way to distinguish between two different files with the
same names and the same location in the directory structure.
> I think the way to permanently delete a file is to to it "hard" and without 
using cvs-commands (in Unix use rm) That is if you are clear with that the 
file and all previous revisions will forever be gone. You also have to have 
access to removing files from the cvsroot. 
Right.  If you go to the repository and delete the file there
corresponding to the offending file but having ",v" appended to the
end, it's gone forever.

This is something to be very careful of.  By doing that, you break the
repository for any time before the file was marked dead or removed,
and you lose that file permanently.  This is normally exactly what
you don't want in a version control system.

And what you get by this is a different revision number.  This doesn't
matter.  You cannot map revision numbers to much of anything else
successfully without putting in a lot of pointless work, and so you
are almost always much better off treating the revision numbers
as "magic cookies".

When you want to have a coherent setup of the file system that you can
refer to later, use tags.  That's what they're there for.

Revision numbers are for CVS.
Tags are for humans.

Now building a CVS reference site at

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