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Re: ViewCVS vs. CVSWeb with CVSNT

From: Steve deRosier
Subject: Re: ViewCVS vs. CVSWeb with CVSNT
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 15:40:09 -0700
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We use ViewCVS and we love it. We use it for all sorts of things including tracking the CVS repository and just viewing source files in other projects (have you ever wanted a quick look or printout without checking out the module and opening it in an editor?). For best usage though, it is good to have both enscript and CVSGraph. We run it on a Linux server, not NT. You can't grab/checkout a module over the web, but you can grab the full source as a text file for a particular file version. Also, it's purely a viewer, there's no administrative functions or other CVS functonality to it.

I've never used or installed CVSWeb so I can't speak to that package.

I hope that helps some.
- Steve

Portabill wrote:
Hello all,

Which web server is better/preferred for web access to the CVS repository?
ViewCVS or CVSWeb?


I hope this doesn't start a religious war.



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