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Re: How to determine the previous revision number?

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: How to determine the previous revision number?
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 15:56:41 -0700

The rinfo program can display a list of version numbers between two given
versions.  It accomodates removed revisions, branches, and magic branches,
which complicate the computation.  And its output is easily scanned by a
script.  Running this program and piping its output to "tail -2 | head -1"
and clipping out the appropriate field from the resulting line gives you
what you want.

You can find the rinfo sources at

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I am trying to customize some change reports we generate using the CVS tools
available in Ant - which basically means I can execute any arbitrary CVS
command line.
The reports can already determine what revisions of each file were committed
between 2 dates - using a log command. What I would like to do is report the
previous revision number which is not easily obtained from the output from
the log command. Is there a way from the log output to determine the
previous revision number for any of the revisions committed in the log ouput
for a single file? Or alternatively is there a known algorithm, that given a
CVS revision number, can determine what the previous revision number was?

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