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Re: ViewCVS vs. CVSWeb with CVSNT

From: Steve deRosier
Subject: Re: ViewCVS vs. CVSWeb with CVSNT
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 17:37:21 -0700
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Yes, ViewCVS does those also. One feature I love about it is the CVSGraph view. You can choose to looke at a file's history in a graphical graph, with boxes to indicate each version, and it shows the branches graphically. Clicking on any box will bring up the file as it was in that version; clicking between any box will bring up a colored diff between the two versions.

Of course, all the same info and links are available in "text" information also on a different page. I just find the feature very useful.

It does also handle showing the module file list by tags and branches, but I've found the interface implmentation of that to be a bit clunky (it works well, but it's not always obvious what state you're in or how to change it to the one you want).

- Steve

JacobRhoden wrote:
On Fri, 8 Aug 2003 08:40 am, Steve deRosier wrote:

We use ViewCVS and we love it.  We use it for all sorts of things
including tracking the CVS repository and just viewing source files in
other projects (have you ever wanted a quick look or printout without
checking out the module and opening it in an editor?).  For best usage
though, it is good to have both enscript and CVSGraph.  We run it on a
Linux server, not NT. You can't grab/checkout a module over the web, but
you can grab the full source as a text file for a particular file
version.  Also, it's purely a viewer, there's no administrative
functions or other CVS functonality to it.

cvsweb does all those exact same things (: I dont know viewcvs but I am guessing they are fairly the same. One thing that wasnt mentined as being in ViewCVS but is in cvsweb, is that cvsweb can do diffs between versions of files either on revision numbers, dates or tags. And can view modules based on tag/branch. (:
Jacob Rhoden -

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