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Re: Repository design suggestions

From: Mark Priest
Subject: Re: Repository design suggestions
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 01:19:52 -0400


I have not done anything like this myself but I think some of the
information in Chapter 7, System Administration with CVS, from "Open Source
Development with CVS" by Karl Fogel and Moshe Bar might be helpful to you.
A free version of the book under the GPL license can be downloaded from


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From: "Martyn Klassen" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 5:00 PM
Subject: Repository design suggestions

> I'm trying to design the repository structure for a group of projects
> team development and was wondering if anyone with more experience might
> some recommendations for an efficient design.
> The projects are extensions to a commercial application and consist
> of text files (macros, menus, c-code, etc.). To be useful,
> the project files have to be in the directories dictated by the
> Initial I thought this wouldn't be a problem, you simply make the
> tree structure the same as that used by the application and check out a
> working copy on top of the directories used by the application. Of course
> releasing the project becomes difficult because "cvs release -d" is not
> smart enough to only delete files under cvs control, but more problematic
> the issue of when you need two or more projects checked out at the same
> time. CVS will not allow you to check out files from two trees in the
> repository to the same working directory. You could put all the projects
> into one tree in the repository and use the module definition to check out
> different groups, however when you have 100+ files in a group it gets
> tedious to define and maintain the module definitions, and seems apt to
> cause many problems. The only other idea I could come up with was to have
> separate trees for each project in the repository and use install and
> uninstall scripts to create and destory links in the application
> but the application has the annoying tendency to break links when it
> modifies a file making this less than ideal.
> I'd appreciate any insights on possible design solutions that others have
> found to work.
> Martyn
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