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cvs directory structure..

From: Kevin Duffey
Subject: cvs directory structure..
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 15:55:11 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry, another question to ask..

As part of what I asked earlier, we are trying to
figure out the best directory structure for our CVS
projects. I am more concerned with the development
structure as I am a developer. But in general my
question is, how have some of you structured your
corporate cvs repositories in terms of development and
possibly departmental directory structures?

Namely, we will have documentation (from our docs
department), dev, qa, pdc (product coordinator),
management and others all wanting to
add/read/modify/etc to cvs.

As I had posted earlier, I personally think adding
each department to the root of the repository is best.
There are of course the options of creating multiple
repositories, perhaps that is better? Ideally, the
PDC, QA, DOC and DEV teams will be working on the same
projects and versions (different versions no doubt).
For this email, I'll regard / as the cvs root dir
where the cvs init command with the -d argument points
to. My thought is:


and so forth.

Each department could manage thier own structures
(probably IT doing any admin level work though).

But for dev, I was thinking:

/dev/<project name>

below each project:

/<project name>/version <x.x.x.x format>

For each version we would have whatever is related to
the given project at that time.

Using VSS we used to keep a single ongoing trunk and
label it as we worked on versions. This proved to be a
pain in the arse to grab any specific branch easily,
especially for newbie users. I personally like this
idea as it keeps the dir structure cleaner with less
cluttered directories and doesn't duplicate code. But
with 250GB of hd storage and a multi-TB farm at our
disposal, space is not an issue. Performance, of
course is an issue. If using multiple version dirs
like this would hurt performance, please let me.

So, given the above, does this make sense? Also, at
least for dev, we plan to have a /dev/shared dir
somewhere, where we will store shared source, such as
libraries we use across projects.

Please let me know if the above looks ok, or if there
are better ways to do this. A co-worker suggested
using sym-links to present a "view" of a repository,
but I am not at all familiar with how this would be
done. I know what sym-links are, I just think another
goal is to keep it as simple as possible without
overly complicating things for the IT staff that will
be maintaining this.

If there are other ways in which some of you may
maintain your cvs repository for your company, please
explain how you manage it, set up the dirs, etc.

Thank you.

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