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porting CVSNT repositories to UNIX platform

From: Ben Smith
Subject: porting CVSNT repositories to UNIX platform
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 15:14:45 +0100

Is it possible to port a number of repositories, created using CVSNT, into a
single UNIX (Solaris 2.8) CVS repository?

I am currently in the process of identifying the architecture for a software
development facility to configure software source files for a number of
small projects. Up until now, these small projects have been developed on
separate Win 2000 platforms, using CVSNT and CVSNT 1.10.
As part of the development environment we require a central server that will
house a single repository for all the projects and will ideally be a UNIX
based system. Are there any issues in porting over the existing


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