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RE: "move away"

From: Matt Bishop
Subject: RE: "move away"
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 09:47:56 -0700

Interesting, though not applicable in my case.  There are no additional
files in this directory, generated, backup or otherwise.

There's a rename-case-sensitivity in the bug list already, hopefully it
will be addressed soon.

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From: Jim [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2003 2:45 AM
To: Matt Bishop; CVS-II Discussion Mailing List
Subject: Re: "move away"

Move away errors - commonly occur under windows file systems because
many editors lose the case of the file.  A file which is all upper case
or all lower case appears to be lower case, but in actuality is upper
cased.  A file with mixed case will appear correctly.  I have run into
this MANY times after editing with lame editors that saved files as all
upper case.  I use FAR by ( and it displays the actual
case of files... not sure how to do this otherwise... but you can try
just doing a 'rename' which will fix the case (
unless it was actually in upper case when you checked it in - have to
check CVS/Entries to see what it actually wants ) So - although windows
uses long file names and allows cases - for backwards compatibility it
assumes all upper case is lower case, and forgets to tell anyone - but
apparently the test within CVS even on windows is case sensitive.


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From: "Matt Bishop" <address@hidden>
To: "CVS-II Discussion Mailing List" <address@hidden>
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 2:36 PM
Subject: "move away"

> (This is a repost--I tripped a few spam filters with the last one...)
> I get this error frequently when updating in a directory with 'cvs 
> update -dP':
> cvs update: move away; it is in the way
> C
> I am running CVS 1.11.5 for Windows; server is 1.11.6 on Linux.
> If I blow away, and re-update, the problem goes away for a 
> bit, then returns.
> If I update the file directly with 'cvs update -dP' the 
> update works as expected.
> I've searched Cederqvist, but found nothing.  Google doesn't offer 
> much more.
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