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How to programmatically restrict a /bin/rm command in a repository?

From: Christopher Rumpf
Subject: How to programmatically restrict a /bin/rm command in a repository?
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 17:24:53 -0400

Hi there.


I have some developers who simply refuse to use the ‘cvs rm’, ‘cvs delete’ and ‘cvs remove’ commands.  Instead they log into the CVS server (using SSH), cd into the repository and /bin/rm the ,v files which they are concerned about.  (yikes!)


Removing their cvs write permissions is not a solution which will work as most of these people are major contributors.


Has anyone encountered this before and how did you solve it?  The only way I can think (right now) is to write  a script that will run for every single /bin/rm command which will first make sure that the repository path is not in the path to be deleted.  This seems very inefficient.


Is there an easier way using UNIX groups and/or some other Unix admin command or trick I don’t know of?




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     Christopher Rumpf




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