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Re: How to programmatically restrict a /bin/rm command in a repository?

From: Mark
Subject: Re: How to programmatically restrict a /bin/rm command in a repository?
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 14:37:02 -0700 (PDT)

Christopher Rumpf wrote:

> I have some developers who simply refuse to use the ‘cvs rm’, ‘cvs 
> delete’ and ‘cvs remove’ commands.  Instead they log into the CVS server 
> (using SSH), cd into the repository and /bin/rm the ,v files which they 
> are concerned about.  (yikes!)

> Removing their cvs write permissions is not a solution which will work 
> as most of these people are major contributors.

> Has anyone encountered this before and how did you solve it?  The only 
> way I can think (right now) is to write  a script that will run for 
> every single /bin/rm command which will first make sure that the 
> repository path is not in the path to be deleted.  This seems very 
> inefficient.

> Is there an easier way using UNIX groups and/or some other Unix admin 
> command or trick I don’t know of?

If your using CVS in a local firewall protected (not over the 
internet) network, you could use a non-root pserver, cvs run by a 
regular system user like "pserver" instead of root in inetd.conf and 
have only that account have any type of write access to the 
repository file system.

If there is a way with ssh, I would like to now about it as well.


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