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Re: Diff treats files as text after they have been flagged -kb

From: luke . kendall
Subject: Re: Diff treats files as text after they have been flagged -kb
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 12:53:29 +1000 (EST)

On  5 Sep, Jack Dodds wrote:
>  However this leaves the original .WPJ and .TGT "text" files. I 
>  used cvs admin to attach the -kb flag to all the .WPJ and .TGT 
>  files both in the repository and the sandbox, expecting this   
>  to fix the problem.  (This lead to some CR/LF problems when    
>  old versions of the .WPJ and .TGT files were checked out, but  
>  I was able to write a utility to fix that.)                    
>  In spite of flagging all the old .WPJ and .TGT files -kb, diff 
>  still compares the files as if they were text files.           
>  Any suggestions as to how to fix this?  I could of course      
>  export the whole project and import it into a completely       
>  new repository, but I would lose the history in the present    
>  repository.                                                    

I thought the admin -kb only affected the repository, *not* your
checkout.  If so it would explain your observation.

What happens in a fresh checkout?  My theory is that the files will be
properly seen as binary files in that case: an easy test.


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