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Re: log message is not performing like expected

From: Larry Lords
Subject: Re: log message is not performing like expected
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 10:43:01 -0600

Thank you for the clarification.  It has helped to a degree.

The server is running cvs 1.11.6 and the command I am entering is:

cvs log -rus-1-0-9-46:us-1-0-9-49 -b

If I enter a file name the command works as expected.  If I don't enter a file
name (I am trying to find all changes between two revisions), I get all
revisions of all files.  The output is very large but I can send it if
necessary.  Here is a sample for one file.  You will see that revision 1.3
should be the only revision displayed, but it displays all revisions.

RCS file: /usr/cvs/us/,v
Working file:
head: 1.3
locks: strict
access list:
symbolic names:
        us-1-0-9-51: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-50: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-49: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-48: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-47: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-46: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-45: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-44: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-43: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-42: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-41: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-40: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-39: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-38: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-37: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-36: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-35: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-34: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-33: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-32: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-31: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-30: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-29: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-28: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-27: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-26: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-25: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-24: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-23: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-22: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-21: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-20: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-19: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-18: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-17: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-16: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-15: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-14: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-13: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-12: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-11: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-10: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-9: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-8: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-7: 1.3
        Iteration_8: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-6: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-5: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-4: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-3: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-2: 1.3
        us-1-0-9-1: 1.3
        us: 1.1.1
        Iteration_7: 1.3
keyword substitution: kv
total revisions: 7;     selected revisions: 3
revision 1.3
date: 2003/07/16 00:34:33;  author: xxxxxxx;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -0
changed seda http port to 7080
revision 1.2
date: 2003/07/14 20:51:45;  author: xxxxxxx;  state: Exp;  lines: +9 -0
merge POJO2 to HEAD
revision 1.1
date: 2003/06/16 18:45:21;  author: xxxxxxx;  state: dead;
branches:  1.1.1;  1.1.2;  1.1.4;
file was initially added on branch BRANCH_POJO3.

Thanks again for your help,
Larry Lords

>>> <address@hidden> 09/08/03 10:14AM >>>
Larry Lords writes:
> We have a client/server environment using ssh and are using cvs 1.11.6.  We
> trying to identify all of the changes made and by who between two tags.  We
> issue either one of the following and getting all revisions of all files:

Is the server running CVS 1.11.6, or just the client?  Older versions of
CVS would give you all of the revisions if either of the specified
revisions did not exist.  ("cvs version" should give you the version
numbers for both the client and the server.)  If that's not the problem,
it would be helpful to see the exact command you entered and the exact
results you got.

-Larry Jones

It works on the same principle as electroshock therapy. -- Calvin

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