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Deleting tag.

From: AdabalaP
Subject: Deleting tag.
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 14:09:17 -0500

Can any one please explain the behavior for the following tag deletion and

Step 1:
user1$ cvs rtag -d R1-0-1 Test_Proj1

cvs rtag: Untagging Test_Proj1
cvs rtag: Untagging Test_Proj1/Dir1
cvs rtag: Untagging Test_Proj1/Dir2
cvs rtag: Untagging Test_Proj1/Dir2/sub-dir1
cvs rtag: Untagging Test_Proj1/Dir2/sub-dir2
cvs rtag: Untagging Test_Proj1/Dir3
cvs rtag: Untagging Test_Proj1/Dir4

Step 2:
user1$ cvs co -r R1-0-1 Test_Proj1

cvs checkout: Updating Test_Proj1
cvs checkout: Updating Test_Proj1/Dir1
cvs checkout: Updating Test_Proj1/Dir2
cvs checkout: Updating Test_Proj1/Dir2/sub-dir1
cvs checkout: Updating Test_Proj1/Dir2/sub-dir2
cvs checkout: Updating Test_Proj1/Dir3
cvs checkout: Updating Test_Proj1/Dir4

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