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(no subject)

From: mike walster
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 18:29:58 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry to trouble you with this question, but I hope
some of you gurus already know the answer.

When I use the following command I get every file
listed in the module regardless of whether or not I
changed them, which is bad,

        cvs log -b -d ">2003-03-18 02:40" -w"rjocham"

When I add the -S option I only get the files I
modified listed, which is good. However, I also only
get those in the root directory of the module (i.e.
not in the subdirectories), which is bad.

        cvs log -b -d ">2003-03-18 02:40" -S -w"rjocham"

Any ideas how I can list just the files I changed
after a certain date for all the subdirectories
(recursive) of the module?



I do it like this.
cvs -Q status | grep 'Status: L'

This give me a list of Locally Modified files. I cd up or
down the source tree as far as I like. I realize that
does not address your dates. That is not a problem for
me as I typically have maybe 4 or 5 modified files out
of several hundred. Then I commit them or abandon them
before things get too out of hand :-) One can obviously grep
on all sorts of things N, instead of L gets you files that
others have changed. There are probably other ways as well.

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