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Re: about log and rdiff commands

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: about log and rdiff commands
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 12:15:39 -0400 (EDT)

Julien Wajsberg writes:
> When using cvs log -rHEAD, I successfully get the log messages for the
> trunk.

No, you don't.  HEAD is the most recent revision on the *default*
branch, which need not be the trunk; it could be a vendor branch.  And
you should only get the log message for the most recent revision, not
all the revisions.  A bare "-r" should do the same thing.

> But wit cvs log -rHEAD., (with a dot) which should give me the log message
> for the last revisions on the trunk, I just get:
> cvs server: warning: no branch `HEAD' in `/cvs/module/myfile.c,v'

Which is exactly right -- HEAD is a *revision* tag, not a branch tag. 
Unless you've messed around with the revision numbers, "1" is the branch
number of the trunk, so "-r1" should give you all the log messages on
the trunk.

> I found however that cvs log -r. gives me what I want, bu it's somewhat
> cofusing :)

As far as I know, that's synonymous with "-r" (and "-rHEAD"), which
should be considerably less confusing.

> (I'm using cvs 1.11.1p1).

You might want to update -- the current stable release is 1.11.6.

-Larry Jones

The problem with the future is that it keeps turning into the present.
-- Hobbes

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