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Re: Renaming/refactoring cvs dirs

From: Jarl Friis
Subject: Re: Renaming/refactoring cvs dirs
Date: 23 Sep 2003 08:43:40 +0200
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Hi Kevin.

Kevin Duffey <address@hidden> writes:

> That is good to know, but can you do this from WinCVS
> or the command line without being logged in to the CVS
> server? That is my main issue, that it doesn't appear
> there is any way to do this normally. I suppose a
> script with what you have and somehow running the
> script would work, but that is not exactly classy.

Note that all the commands that Greg gave you:

> --- "Greg A. Woods" <address@hidden> wrote:
> >     mv oldfile newfile
> >     cvs rm oldfile
> >     cvs add newfile
> >     cvs commit -m 'renamed oldfile to newfile' oldfile newfile

are all commands executed on the client side.


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