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Re: Directory command on import

From: Alexander Taler
Subject: Re: Directory command on import
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 20:22:09 -0400

>>>>> "Brice" == Brice Oliver <address@hidden> writes:
  Brice> To: "'address@hidden'" <address@hidden>
  Brice> Subject: Directory command on import
  Brice> Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 16:44:23 -0500

  Brice> I am writing an interface to CVS for my company and I am confused as
  Brice> to the use of the directory command while carrying on a direct socket
  Brice> communication with the CVS server.

You might be interested in the LibCVS project: we are working on libraries that do
that very thing.  We would be very happy to have more brains

  Brice> What does the "Directory" command do?  It then is always followed by
  Brice> some path in the repository.

Basically, the Directory command tells the server which
directories you are going to work in, and the correspondance
between directories in the repository and those locally.

The most important thing to do is send the "original directory"
at the end.  Since I'm not using the protocol in the way it was
intended, I use the common ancestor of all the previous
directories, or the current working directory.  This seems to
work fine.  I'm not sure what cvs itself does.

I agree that the docs could be made a bit clearer, especially
that for Directory.  With a fair amount of effort I feel that I
pretty much understand them.  It is part of my plan to submit
some updates to the docs, at some undetermined time in the


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