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Re: Repository on Mounted Network Drive

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Repository on Mounted Network Drive
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 22:55:20 -0400 (EDT)

Wayne Call writes:
> What are the advantages of putting the Repository on a Mounted Network
> Drive?  The purpose for putting the Repository on a network drive is so that
> it automatically gets backed up by the Network Administrator.  The software
> will get checked out onto a Linux Computer or Computers, and then the
> software will get checked back in to a Mounted Network Drive.  The
> Repository will be on a Mounted Network Drive.  What are the gottchas for
> this type of development setup?  What would be another option?

The "advantages" are that you get to learn a lot about the internal
format of RCS files and how well your backup/restore process works as
you try to fix the repository file corruption that will probably result.
In other words, it's a very bad idea; don't do it.  We've had lots of
reports of repository corruption caused by interoperability problems
between different NFS implementations.

> I'm running into trouble with the cvs locks.  I can check out software, but
> I cannot check in software and get the following error:
> cvs commit: failed to create lock directory for '\mnt\ .....'

You also get to learn more about differnt permission systems, how
(badly) they map to each other, and how they work across a network (not
very well) than you ever wanted to.  Save yourself a lot of grief and
use client/server CVS with the repository on a disk that's local to the

-Larry Jones

The authorities are trying to silence any view contrary to their own!
-- Calvin

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