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Newbie: Project structure for modules within modules

From: uhansen01
Subject: Newbie: Project structure for modules within modules
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 15:09:24 -0000
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I know that such kind of questions are asked a couple of times but I 
didn`t find a solution for me in the archive or the FAQ. I'm shure 
that there must be way to handle my problem, so I ask you to help me 

My problem is to control some library files with cvs.

There is for example a Library to handle a com-interface which 
contains a source and a header file. This library is be needed in 
several Projects and will be complemented some times. Project A for 
example needs the revision 1.0 and project B needs the revision 1.2 
and so on.

If I would copy the library to the project directory, there will be 
several versions of this file (in each project). This can't be the 

My expectation is, if i checkout the project all necessary librarys 
should be checked out too.

In fact it is a modul within a modul.

Please take into consideration that i'm just starting with cvs and 
not informed about the opertunities.

I'm working on Windows with wincvs.

Thanks for help.

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