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Re: CVS screwing up Word documents

From: Mark Priest
Subject: Re: CVS screwing up Word documents
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 22:43:51 -0400


If the keyword expansion is not correct for your Word files then one of two
things must be happening.  Either you are using the -k option with the
checkout, add, or update commands or there is something wrong with your
cvswrappers file.  Make sure that you are not passing a -k flag when
checking out or updating files (or using the -k flag on adds) since it
becomes "sticky" when it used with these two commands.  Alternatively,
specifically use -kb explicitly whenever you are adding binary files such as
Word documents.

Cygwin programs can operate on files in either binary or text mode as
explained in  You
might want to try adding "tty binmode" to your CYGWIN  environment variable
to ensure that Cygwin programs are always using binary mode.  If tty is not
set then I think that the Cygwin cvs client might treat standard input and
output in text mode rather than binary mode which would corrupt the cvs

Good Luck,


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Neil Aggarwal" <address@hidden>
To: "'Mark Priest'" <address@hidden>
Cc: "'CVS-II Discussion Mailing List'" <address@hidden>
Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2003 9:40 PM
Subject: RE: CVS screwing up Word documents

> Mark:
> > This should not happen if the cvswrappers file has that line
> > and your Word
> > docs have a .doc extension.
> That is what we have.
> > You can use the log command to
> > verify that the
> > Keyword substitution is set to 'b' for those files.
> I did that.  The keyword substituion is set to
> kv, which is wrong.
> > Are you
> > using Cygwin by
> > any chance?  If so it is possible that you are running into a
> > problem with
> > line ending conversions from Cygwin.
> Yes, we are using cygwin to tunnel the cvs thru ssh.
> Do you know how to work around this?
> Thanks,
> Neil
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