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remote cvs access - recommendations

From: p
Subject: remote cvs access - recommendations
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 08:29:33 -0700
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hi all,

i've read about remote cvs access, and there are a LOT of options: ssh,
rsh, kerberos, pserver, and more.

my needs are simple.  i'm writing a latex book with just one other
person.  the repository is sitting on a debian gnu/linux machine that i
have root access to.

can someone suggest an access method suitable for my needs?

i don't need anything fancy, scalable or even efficient, since there's
just one other co-author and we're dealing mainly in text with a few
image files.  it just needs to be secure, easy to set up and easy to

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


on a related issue, i setup a pserver and was horrified to discover that
when i issued a "cvs login", it was ignoring $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/passwd and
instead was authenticating using /etc/shadow.  i inadvertantly sent a
plaintext password over the internet!

after changing the password and disabling pserver via inetd, i started
to read the cvs FAQ and saw this section:

   How do I set up a CVS server for access via SSH?

the url was:

it said to look at the "remote repositories" sectionof cederqvist.
following the link, i can't find any section called "remote
repositories" in the table of contents.  was this section renamed?


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