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Re: remote cvs access - recommendations

From: Geoff Beier
Subject: Re: remote cvs access - recommendations
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 11:59:34 -0400

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003 08:29:33 -0700, address@hidden wrote
> hi all,
> i've read about remote cvs access, and there are a LOT of options: 
> ssh, rsh, kerberos, pserver, and more.
> my needs are simple.  i'm writing a latex book with just one other
> person.  the repository is sitting on a debian gnu/linux machine 
> that i have root access to.
> can someone suggest an access method suitable for my needs?
> i don't need anything fancy, scalable or even efficient, since 
> there's just one other co-author and we're dealing mainly in text 
> with a few image files.  it just needs to be secure, easy to set up 
> and easy to use.
ssh is the most secure, easiest to setup and easiest to use IMO. If you can
login to the box using ssh and can perform cvs operations from that shell,
you're really done.

Just try it:
1. Make sure the CVS_RSH environment variable on the client is set to "ssh".
2. cvs -d:ext:address@hidden:/path/to/repository checkout modulename

> any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
> ========
> on a related issue, i setup a pserver and was horrified to discover that
> when i issued a "cvs login", it was ignoring $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/passwd 
> and instead was authenticating using /etc/shadow.  i inadvertantly 
> sent a plaintext password over the internet!
> after changing the password and disabling pserver via inetd, i 
> started to read the cvs FAQ and saw this section:
>    How do I set up a CVS server for access via SSH?
> the url was:
> it said to look at the "remote repositories" sectionof cederqvist.
> following the link, i can't find any section called "remote
> repositories" in the table of contents.  was this section renamed?
No. It's right here:



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