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Re: Resend importinfo patch

From: Wu Yongwei
Subject: Re: Resend importinfo patch
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 10:16:35 +0800
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Larry Jones wrote:
You thoughts are reasonable and I thought so too. However, Ralf's patch showed that an importinfo should take more information: importinfo will pass repository name, vendor tag, and release tag to scripts, while commitinfo only passes the path and the file names. One works on the repository level, and the other works on the file level. So an importinfo file seems really needed.

I'd say the tags should go through taginfo (which could be extended if people feel that it is necessary to distinguish between the release tag and the vendor tag). The import wouldn't occur until all
of the preliminaries were successful.  I'm still not convinced that
we need a separate importinfo.

-Larry Jones

OK, let's speak about an example. As project manager, I might give the
main developers full access rights to modify any file, but I want that
only *I* have the right to import. I had also a bad experience that a
developer reimported an existing repository: nothing serious happened,
but new (unwanted) branches and tags were created.

That is exactly what I am doing now. My importinfo executes such a
script ("ALL /path/to/import_acls"):

#! /bin/sh
if [ -n $LOGNAME ]; then
elif [ -n $USER ]; then
  exit 1

if [ $USERNAME != 'adah' ]; then
  echo You are not permitted to import!
  exit 1

Best regards,

Wu Yongwei

P.S. I am late to reply because 1-7 Oct. is the National holiday. :-)

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