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CVS patch for unedit -e

From: Krzysztof GORBIEL
Subject: CVS patch for unedit -e
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 09:42:40 +0200

To enforce automatic procedure for controling changes I need as an
administrator the possibility to remove somebody's edit. Unfortunately in
version 1.11.6, we are using, option cvs unedit -e is not implemented. On
info-cvs list I found, that there is a patch introducing it. I cannot find
it though. I searched in, but without any results
(suggested RCVS project is not accessible). I have also tried to point my
browser to the link attached in one of replies (dated 2001) but I got
message: Permission: User Not Found: Only members of this project have
permission to view this page (you are not listed as a member of this
Could you please give me information where I can find the patch
(implementing commands "unedit -e" and "edit -c"), or if it's not very
problematic could you please send it.

Krzysztof Górbiel

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