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cvs export end-of-line translation

From: Maarten de Boer
Subject: cvs export end-of-line translation
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 12:03:33 +0200


We do centralized tarball and zip-file generation for our project, and
we use "cvs export" for this. The problem is that, since we run this on
a GNU/Linux box, the files that get included in the zip all have
unix-style end-of-lines. Is there a way to force "cvs export" to do
end-of-line translation for a specific target? I could not find it in
the manual, so I suppose not. Wouldn't this be a very useful, even
logical, functionality? I would say that this kind of use of cvs export
is nothing out of the ordinary...

Right now, as a workaround, I use "flip" the change the end-of-lines
based on filename wildcards, but this is not ideal. As another possible
workaround, I'd prefer to ask the cvs server (without doing an
additional checkout) which files are marked as binary. Is that possible?

Kind regards,


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